domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2016

Story: The game 4º A

It was a dark, dark midnight and everybody was in bed but my friends and I were still playing “Truth or dare” because we were extremely bored.

My best friend Paul had asked me to ring my neighbour’s house doorbell and of course I accepted the challenge.

I was in front of the door and I rang once, twice, three times… but no one answered. When I was about to go home, a strange voice called me from behind the house and I saw a mysterious door I had never seen before there.

viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2016

Story: Thomas 4ª A

It was a dark night and everybody was in bed except Cathy that continued stuck to her telescope, the one her grandfather, Thomas, gave her before he died. 

A loud noise was heard in her grandfather’s bedroom. She remembered what her grandfather had told her: “I will never leave you alone. I will come back when you need me.” 

In the garden a very hot stone fell down with a “T” shape. 
It was her grandfather! 
He had come back.

jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2016

Costume: Evil troll 1º C

This Halloween drawing represents an Evil Troll who has a yellow moustache and his skin is green.

He is working in a laboratory and the funny thing is that he is wearing a patch on his eye.

miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2016

Story: Scary love 3ºA

A girl called Montse, fell in love with a strange boy. Her friends told her to be careful with him. Two months later she sent him a love letter. The boy loved her back. One day Montse´s friends followed him to the cemetery, where he had disappeared. Next day all her friends were dead. 

They got married but nobody went to the wedding and they could never have children. One day, when she arrived at home, all the neighbours had died. She was very scared. There was a letter which said: “Since you arrived, I've noticed you are my love and my heart won't beat again.” Next day she was dead and the letter disappeared.

Story: The haunted hotel 3ºA

The story of the haunted hotel starts in Manchester, in 1963, when a new modern 5-star hotel opened, the hotel was free for people older than 25 years. Everybody in the world heard about one of the biggest hotels in the world.  The hotel had a curiosity in its name: that was a devil statue on the top of the building. Lots of fortune-tellers cursed the hotel, they said, ¨When the hotel gets full, a curse will happen; and everybody in the hotel will die." No one believed in those words.  

There were 533 people dead. Fortune-tellers said they had warned, but no one listened to them. Nowadays, there is a big famous restaurant instead of the hotel, because there were thousands of complaints. 

Story: The haunted street 1BB

It was a dark, dark night and everybody was in bed.

Alison has always been a very brave girl, so the Halloween night she decided to explore the city. She didn’t want her parents to know that she was going outside alone, so she ran away.

The night was really calm, actually, and she was getting bored when she heard a noise.

She decided to walk the street, but it wasn’t a good decision. Anybody was there, but when she looked at the wall, someone, or best said something, tried to hang her up.

Next morning, she was found…

Story: My grandfather´s ghost 4ºB

It was a dark night and everybody was in bed. 
I got up because I was thristy and I needed some water. When I entered into the kitchen, I heard a noise. 

It was a voice that I had never heard before. 
A few seconds later, I saw my grandfather who had died before I was born. I had only seen him in some photos. He started to talk to me and suddenly, when he finished, the lights turned off and I started to hear more voices....

Story: The white lady 1BD

Have you heard about the urban legend about the white lady? 

It’s said that some nights in a lonely street in an unknown city, a tall pale woman, which has long black hair, has been seen moving around without any reason. 

And what is so special about her?, you may ask. Well, it is also said that the white lady has no eyes, and if you look at her directly she will return you the favour removing your own eyes, always with a gentle smile on her face, because that seems to cause her a great pleasure. 

So be careful, because I can assure you, without fear of being mistaken, that you have a beautiful pair of eyes.

Story: The quiet house 1BB

It was midnight. The house was really quiet and everyone was in bed. I got up because I was thirsty. I was drinking a glass of water, when I heard a noise in the bathroom. 
When I came in, I couldn´t believe it: There was a trace of blood that lead to the bath, and, inside it, there was a dead cat.

I began to shout but nobody woke up...

Story: Redrum 4ºB

It was midnight. The clock started to ring. It was 3:33, curiously, the hour of death. 
I did not pay much attention and, tired, I went to sleep again. The wind hit the window. I could not get back to sleep so I got up and went to the kitchen. 
It was strange because I did not hear my dog, it always comes with me when I get up at midnight. I decided to look for it. I saw a light at the end of corridor, Would it be there?

martes, 8 de noviembre de 2016

Story: The revenge 3º B

Two young sisters lived in a little village. The young sister died when she was twenty. Nobody knew the reason for her death. But some people thought that her sister could have killed her because she was jealous of her beauty, charm and humility. 

After the death, the spirit of the girl was harassing her sister and reproaching her action. She had anxiety and panic for the endless torture. Ten months after the death, she decided to hang herself on a tree.

Story: The Convent 3ºB

   This story tells an event that happened to a woman 5 years ago in an under construction hotel  where she worked as a security guard. This girl is called Lidia and she is a 24 years old. One night, when she was doing her rounds at the hotel and she was walking along the corridors of the building, one of the cats in the building stayed next to her.

   The cat and Lidia heard something, the cat got close and stared at the wall and then it ran off, Lidia was frightened but she checked that everything was OK. At the beginning everything looked normal, but suddenly the girl heard a whisper of an old lady saying “Run away”. She was terrified, she turned back but there was nobody. After a while she heard some babies crying and a priest praying “Our Father”. Then Lidia rushed out of that place without hesitation and she didn´t come back.

It is said that, that place had been a convent where abortions were carried out and that would explain the babies´ cries, the priest´s prayers and the old Lady´s voice.There are people that say they have seen a nun sitting in the armchair of the reception of the hotel (the building is a hotel now)

   Today only daredevils spend the night there, do you dare?

Story: The alley of death 1BD

On a dark night, a guy came out of the academy and was preparing to go home. 
The road was relatively short, as it was a 5km long street. It crossed an alley and ended in the street where his house was. 

Half of the wya home, he heard footsteps behind him, but there was nothing. The boy thought he was imagining it, but once again more steps could be heard. The boy ran as fast as he could until he reached the alley where, tired, he sat on a bench. 

Then a blinding light flashed in front of him and a human figure told him he was the next. Then he ate his own shadow as he called his mother and she heard the cries of his son. 

The mother stood in the alley with the police. There was a trail of blood to a wall where with blood it was written: you are the following one. 

A more bright light came on top of the wall. It was hanging on the boy's head with his school bag.

Halloween costume: WOLF GIRL 2ºA

She is a girl. She lives in the forest, with the wolf. She is wild and fast. And very dangerous.

lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2016

Halloween costume: PUMKIN MAN 1º C

My Halloween costume is a pumkin man. 
The pumkin man is a killer with a knife, guns and other types of arms. It is a great costume!

Halloween Costume: ZIP 1º B

To make my Halloween costume I usually wear a zipper in my face with a lot of blood. I also wear some white lenses, but clothing was normal.

Halloween Costume: DEMON 1º B

This costume is very cool!. It is also very colorful, it has a bright red color. It is for all ages, I sometimes wear it and I like it a lot. In the picture you can see its tail, horns etc.
It is very scary, specially for young children.

domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2016

Halloween costume: PUMPKIN 1º A

I was inspired by these masks and then added a touch of ´mandala´.

The pumpkin mask has flames in the skulls' eyes and flowers too. 

I have added the mandala touch because I love it and because without them the skull looks very bland.

Halloween costume: ZOMBIE 1º A

I like my costume because it has an open zip on the face and inside it, blood simulating that the face opens. 

There is also fake wounds and a knife in the leg. 

The clothes are torn and faded, the wounds have fake blood. 

I dressed as a zombie. 

domingo, 30 de octubre de 2016


During Halloween week this year (2016/17), students at IES Ángel de Saavedra are being called to participate in one of these competitions:

  • Students at 3rd and 4th ESO and 1st Bachillerato: "SCARY STORIES" Competition.
The best two in each group will be selected and his/her scary story or costume description will be uploaded to this blog so that every student can vote for his/her favourite. 

Let´s participate!! There are spooky presents!!

These are some of the didactic resources English teachers have used for their students in order to deal with Halloween with them: