domingo, 21 de octubre de 2018

Haunted house? Halloween Contest

What story could this picture tell? 

This Halloween contest is aimed at 4th ESO students at IES ÁNGEL DE SAAVEDRA .

Use your imagination to write the opening of a short story or poem inspired by this photo

To participate in the contest you must follow these rules:
  • Your story will not contain more than 80 words.
  • You must post it in the comments to this entry in the blog. 
  • At the end of your comment, you have to add your complete name and course

AND THE WINNER IS..... Olivia Munuera (4º ESO B)

Other useful links to inspire you:

8 comentarios:

  1. I was playing football with my brother in our garden, he shot the ball very strong and he broke the window of the neighbour`s house.
    When we got in the house we felt something very strange, something like a ghost but we never saw nothing.

    The ball was in the basement and my brother said: “Im going to check this, go to house”
    And i went to our house, i was waiting for a time but he never came back.

    Rubén Navarrete Rodríguez 4ºB (80 Words)

  2. It was a full moon light.I was coming home after work.
    I remember I saw a woman lying on the floor.I could not saw her face because she was wearing a big scarf.She asked me for going to the hospital, so we ride in the car.
    We had been in the car for 10 minutes when I turned my head and I look her.I saw something horrorful,something I have never seen before:Her face was full of blood,white and only has a smile.I do not remember more.When I woke up,I was resting in the hospital,I had an accident.

    Miguel Rodríguez Díaz 4ºB

  3. One night, in the dawn, a group of children was in two girls and four children were. They were happening exactly for a street in which there was a left house, when they saw her, they thought of entering her. On having entered the cracks of the soil sounded and in addition the door was closed alone. In the entry there had a few very long stairs for which it arrives completely one saw a shade of a man and they started all shouting aterradamente until there sounded a few diabolical laughs that were coming of above. On having listened to these voices, they all went out running of this terrible house and up to not coming to the following street, they did not stop.

  4. As every year on October 31, I was with my friends in an abandoned house. We headed to the second floor, when we heard a strange noise. On the way up we found a narrow and long corridor, at the end could see a large silhouette, tall and robust looking. We asked who was but did not answer, suddenly began to run quickly towards us screaming with an ax in his hands, began to lose shape, his arms and legs were made every longer and his face was monstrous, we reached the ground floor and no trace of it, looking at the mirror in front I saw her behind us, walked on all fours with his body twisted,he managed to catch a boy and ....

    Diana Malagón Serrano 4B

  5. A group of friends wanted to explore a abandoned house. They came into the house and they heard a noise, they were frighted. They continue explore the house but they saw blood on the floor and one of them decided to run out of the house. The others followed him and they found him in the entrance of the house, lying down on the floor with traces of blood and holes in his clothes, they panicked and starting screaming. When they relaxed, they thought about calling his parents when he woke up and scream:Surprise!!!

  6. A century ago there was a man living in an old house with his teenage son. They used to discuss a lot because the son used to said that his father was all the day looking for the mirrors that he bought in 40 Romania instead of be carrying he.46 One day the son became really sick and his father decided to didn´t sell his mirror for pay his son medicine. Finally his son died and the legend say that his spirit is on the mirrors trying to kill everybody how look at them and is a bad person with others.

  7. When Piper woke up, she didn't know how much time she had been sleeping.She couldn't see anything it was cold, humid and completely quiet.
    She was lying on board covered with a soft fabric. She was frighten and tired. Then she tryed to move but she couldn't make any movement, it was like a wardrove.
    She tryed to remember what happened the night before...
    Her friends and she went to a Halloween party in a old factory. An unknown offered them some new pawerful drugs... Suddenly she realized... She was in coffin due to the secondary effects of the drugs she scream crying but she knew nobody would hear her.

  8. Once upon a time, a little girl who was out in the woods playing with her cat, was having such a good time, forgot that it would soon get dark, when she wanted to go home she got lost and had to sleep under a tree. During the night there were very strange noises and she was very afraid, but her cat was next to her to protect her, suddenly she saw a light in the distance and decided to go, but ... what she did not know ... is that that light was that of a haunted house ...