miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2016

Story: The haunted hotel 3ºA

The story of the haunted hotel starts in Manchester, in 1963, when a new modern 5-star hotel opened, the hotel was free for people older than 25 years. Everybody in the world heard about one of the biggest hotels in the world.  The hotel had a curiosity in its name: that was a devil statue on the top of the building. Lots of fortune-tellers cursed the hotel, they said, ¨When the hotel gets full, a curse will happen; and everybody in the hotel will die." No one believed in those words.  

There were 533 people dead. Fortune-tellers said they had warned, but no one listened to them. Nowadays, there is a big famous restaurant instead of the hotel, because there were thousands of complaints. 

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