martes, 8 de noviembre de 2016

Story: The Convent 3ºB

   This story tells an event that happened to a woman 5 years ago in an under construction hotel  where she worked as a security guard. This girl is called Lidia and she is a 24 years old. One night, when she was doing her rounds at the hotel and she was walking along the corridors of the building, one of the cats in the building stayed next to her.

   The cat and Lidia heard something, the cat got close and stared at the wall and then it ran off, Lidia was frightened but she checked that everything was OK. At the beginning everything looked normal, but suddenly the girl heard a whisper of an old lady saying “Run away”. She was terrified, she turned back but there was nobody. After a while she heard some babies crying and a priest praying “Our Father”. Then Lidia rushed out of that place without hesitation and she didn´t come back.

It is said that, that place had been a convent where abortions were carried out and that would explain the babies´ cries, the priest´s prayers and the old Lady´s voice.There are people that say they have seen a nun sitting in the armchair of the reception of the hotel (the building is a hotel now)

   Today only daredevils spend the night there, do you dare?

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