martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014

WHY HE KILL (Frankestein)

After I did some things, he can walk, he can speak, he can breathe. In facts, i was scary and i did't know what to do, I have a monster in my house !

Now, i'm teaching him how to speak, but, he has something special, he is always talking to me about death and kill people. I think that he is always speaking about this because he was dead.

I was walking to his room when i found something: he wasn't here! There was a enormous hole through the wall. I dressed up and i went running to the village. When I arrived to the village, he was killing the people that kill the parts of his body. After that, i remember something......i kill a the man who has his brain.
After that i started to run to the forest, it was very calm, i listened something: it was a big shadow, a very big shadow with a shotgun, after that, i died.

Miguel  3A

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