jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2014

Voodoo Island (2)

James went to the graveyard and while he waching a grave, the old man came up to him and said:
-the old man: Mmm.... Ethan Mars he was a good man
-James: How did he die?
-the old man: I don't Know, but It was suddenly. Well it's time for me to go, bye.
 James continued walking and he saw a little girl singing and jumping like if it was a playground
-James: what are you doing here? and where are your parents?
The girl didn't say nothing
-The girl: Come here, I want to show you something.
James followed her
-The girl: this is the grave of my father and the other grave is of my mother.
-James : Now I understand
-The girl: Today my parents died and I came to bring flowers, and i must also do something more.
-James: Who brought you?
-the girl: My grandfather Ethan
-the old man: you were here! I was looking for you. Now it's the time
The old man threw himself at James. James pushed him and he ran towards the exit of the graveyard but the girl and the old man devoured his soul.

By Noelia 3ºA

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