miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

Voodoo Island

When the dead heard noise from the workers entering through the squeaky door, they were furious. They had to get out of their home all those people who wanted to destroy the graveyard. They communicated among them, but in an impossible language to hear for the livings. They decided to leave their tombs and give a scare to mortals when the night falls.

When started at dusk,they were prepared for the show .The tops of their graves were opened, workers were afraid to see him. The old man was disguised as a clown,workers saw him, laughed at he,they didn´t know that it was a trap,. Meanwhile, all the dead were behind them.
When they turned to go back to continue their work, they saw the ghosts,and, they shouted. They began to run, and the dead rushed behind them, they were very scared.No one else wanted to return and they rested in peace for ever.


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