martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014

The well

There was a little village in the north of Germany. There, lived a normal family called the Heizels. The family had four members. The father, the mother, the son and the daughter Elisabeth. Elisabeth was very weird. She did not have friends and she always was playing in a corner of the park. She used to bring a doll with her. One day, in a school trip she went to the neighboring city. The city was Lepzig. Lepzig was famous because in the middle of his principal avenue there was a well. Elisabeth was very curious and she went to the well. She was in the border when the bells of the church sounded. Elisabeth scared and lost the balance. A man near to she tried to take her hand, but it was late. Elisabeth was falling for the well. She was shouting when she died. It was a cold shout that ended with a dry blow. The rare thing is that they did not find the corpse.  Both cities were very affected by the happened. Since then when you open the faucet in Lepzig you can heard her shout.

Agustín 1ºBach D

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