viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2014

The trip

Car had spoiled us and like so many other times on road when it was already evening, we'd pick up our four things and we are looking for a hotel or Inn that had a free room.That night a man quite strange rented us one of the rooms in a pension that conveyed a very unpleasant feeling, but according to the map there was nothing more in miles around, Julia and I got to sleep soon, the trip was exhausting, and still had to think where arrange the car in the morning.We saw clear car from the floor to about twenty centimeters of distance, doors opened and closed alone, the bell sounded every second...   

Julia and I try to run that place, we took our things and started our careers down the street, but among the trees followed us those black shadows that seemed to push branches to be able to reach us.Just remember that part since we told people that we found, were the two roadside reportedly both had fallen down a cliff, our luggage all pulled down the street and with a strong blow to the head. 

Almudena 1 Bachiller D

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