miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014


(Ghosts stories)

Very suddenly, I felt a cold hand in my head and a cold and matallic knife in my neck. I left to this room as fast as I could. When I see back , I can see that the ghost with the knife was waiting me, and I go run to the outside door, but in this moment…
-You don`t left of here if I don’t kill you.- A cry was heard.
And the door is close.
I think that I could run away for the windows and when I come to the big window, the ghost was sitting in a chair near the window. 
-You don’t must pollute the house of the ghost, you must die.
And when the ghost was going to nail the knife…

-Oh, it was a dream! Goodness.

Rafael Pérez Pulido. 3A

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