miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

The Strange Family

(Ghost Stories)

The story goes back to years ago.In the house lived a strange family.They
didn't sleep or ate.They only drank red liquid, they said it was colored
water, but you could tell it was blood.They were pale and rarely spoke to
anyone.Everyone thought that family was a family of vampires.But that was not
true, they were pale because they were coming from northern Europe, they
didn't slept at night because they slept by day, they were used to it; they
drank tomato juice, because he was rich in vitamins.Una noche se oyó un ruido
en aquella extraña habitación.The maid thought that was one of them killing
another human to suck blood, so he didn't dare to go investigate.But the
father of the family came into the room and saw a strange creature, with dark
hair, pale skin and creepy look.This being killed all the family and from that
day lives in the house.Every being who comes into the room of the abandoned
house does not come out alive...

Sol 3A

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