lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014

The river of evil

Several years ago, the 31th of October, there was a tragic accident in a village called Wettown. A girl was playing in the field with her ball while her mother prepared the decorations and the dinner to celebrate Halloween. Girl saw a doll on the bank of a river, which was near where she played. She was excited so she approached to the river to catch it. Then, she tripped and fell into the water. Child asked for help but nobody listened her and she drowned.

Since that day, every 31th of October, the villagers have heard cries and screams for help from the part of the field where the accident ocurred.

Years later, a group of brave teenagers went to the place that day. There, beside the river there was a girl sitting on a rock, who had a ball in her hand. She saw them and suddenly disappeard.

Sandra  1º Bachillerato C

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