miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

The prediction of the woman

It was Halloween's night when everything happened.
A boy was with his friends preparing all the things for that night. They celebrated a party, of course, they were disguised. Then, the boys went out how it was custom. They went from house to house asking for candies. It was midnight when they called to a house and a woman opened the door. She told them a legend. Halloween's night, by these hours, the spirits will revive and if they catch to some child, the dead will return to the life, the woman said. So, she told them than they had care. They went of her house and they laughed at her. After midnight, they were alone on the street and they decided to go to a cemetery. Everything happened there as the woman said. The friends could appreciate the souls the some dead and then they couldn't do anything to survive.

 Lucía 1 Bachillerato D

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