domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2014

The porcelain doll

"Mom, I want that porcelain doll!" said the little Diana.
"We come back tomorrow to this shop; but remember to me" said Diana's mother.
Diana is seven years old, but she has every things that she like.
That night the little girl couldn't sleep because she was thinking in her new doll. That doll hasn't an arm, but she doesn't him matter.
The next day Diana didn't want to doll, then she didn't tell her mother.
By nightfall Diana had to go the second floor for sleep, but she has horror.
This night Diana listen a voice that say "I'm going up 1,2,3" she call her mother and she calm. She listen the voice once again, but this again she doesn't call her mother.
The next morning her mother climb for see her daughter.
She shout because her daughter is suffocated with your own blood, and as well as right she has the doll with the arm from Diana located that it's your own.


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