martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014

The night of the living dead

Today is halloween and like any other teengager i don't believe in ghosts, skeletons , zombies. I have to take my little sister to walk around the city. The good thing is that my neighbood come with me a moment later... While my little sister is trick or treating i am talking with my friend lisa. Sudderly realise that there are nobbody in the street, my sister is gone. I hear a noise, we run away, the origin of the noise is the cementery. When have arrive the door opens by it self. Lisa and i come in and the door closes we hear a girl screaming " your sister is mine and row you will be too" Lisa is gone and I am very scared. My parents and my friends show up and they start laugning, all was a joke.

Montse J. 1 bach C

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