miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014


A long time ago in the cold night one men called Mario went to a party with a friend to a bar of EEUU, it was close to 12 of the nigh when went girl called Monica came in a bar and sat down alone in the table, when Mario saw her alone invited her to dance and have a beer with her, Monica was very cold and he gave her his jacket, where the girl was going to go Mario offered to carry her on his motorcycle, when they arrived at her house Mario told him that morning she came by the jacket.
The next day Mario went to the home of Delia for his jacket, he called to the door and opened a the woman, he asked him if it was Monica and she told him that she had died 5 years ago, he doesn't believed and the lady told him to go to the cemetery to see the tomb of her, his jacket was on the tomb. Mario scared took his jacket and went running.
After this Mario did not speak with strangers.
The End! :)


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