martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014

The lights

Hi, I am Ken and I will tell my history :
Last night of Halloween, I was going with Friends to Jack´s house, we were going in car crossing a small forest. Will was driving, I was next to his, and in the part os behind, Zoe and Jennifer. We were speaking of paranormal activities when suddenly we saw to a figure on the road.
She was placed in half of the road, she wore a white garmet and she had a long and black hair. Will went down the car and he called her but she wasn't answered. Will and I went to her side, when we were few meters, the lights of the car switched.
Zoe turned on the lights and the woman disappeared. We went to the car and we saw a message in the crystal of the car, that the text said:
"Today there will not be party"

Álvaro L.Q. 1º Bachillerato D

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