miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

The legend of the fierce clown

One night, I was told that there was a legend in a small town in the north of Sweden about a clown. When the night came, he became in a horrible creature, a monster that terrified everyone, with long and black claws like a bear and sharp teeth that filled his bloody mouth.

He loved little children, he entertained the people and he spoke with them. But they didn't know that at the night, the clown kidnapped the children. During the day, he selected the most defenceless and fragile child to catch him and devour him slowly and meticulously. He did this for fifty years.
One night of Halloween, the people of the town decided to kill the monster who kidnapped and assassinated the children. People of town took advantage that the streets were crowded with children and they achieved to catch him.
        Before his death, he told them that his spirit would return.
  The legend narrate that each night of Halloween the spirit appears to kidnap one child.

Beatriz  1º C Bach.

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