miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

The girl of the mountain

Last Halloween Carlos and his father decided rent a house in the
mountain. Suddenly at night Carlos heard a strange noise in the living
room, he went to this place and saw a girl with burned face, he was
shouting and running to the bedroom of his father. When the father
came to the living room didn't see anything and he said "Carlos,
returned to your bed".
Two hours later Carlos heard a knife's noise, but in this occasions
the noise were from his father's bedroom, Carlos ran to he bedroom and
he saw a girl with a knife in one corner and his father in the other.
In the next morning, Carlos saw a strange scar in the arm of his
father, this scar was like a knife's scar, Carlos asked his father
about the scar, but he said that he cut with the knife between he
cooked few months ago,

When Carlos returned home, he decided go to bought at the supermarket
and he saw the girl of the mountain...
José Manuel 1 Bachillerato D

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