domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2014

Scary story

Halloween Writing Composition
Ghost stories
It's dark outside and you are alone in a old house . On the wall there is a picture of a strange man with eyes that are alive and watching you .There is a room in this old house which makes you cold when you enter it ,cold all the way down your back . And this is the room where ,long ago , somebody died -very suddenly-.
Everything is dark , the light is gone , and you decide to light a candle . You start to get nervous .The man in the picture intimidate you , and you have cold. The wood ceiling is creak and you just want get out of there but you can't because outside it's dark . You turn on the candle ,but something strange happens , the flame moves very fast and turns off after one minute . You can try to turn it on again but your fingers hurt from the cold . A stream of cold air touches your back . You look the picture and you run out of breath , the man is not in the picture .You try to run away but there isn't exit . Only hallways and more hallways and many doors . You go into one of them and suddenly you wake up . It's just a horrible nightmare but you watch that in the back of your room there is a pair of intense red eyes and watching you .

(Noelia Torralbo--4ºESO

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