domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2014


There was a time a girl called Caroline, she lived in a little town, and Damville.She was nine years old. She went in a big school of this town.
One day when she came at school and she felt something strange in the class.Caroline hear dark voices, so she started to be afraid about that.
That night she had a nightmare, in which a horrible man with a black layer said that the school is cursed and the third week of Friday will die all people that are into the school. Caroline was shocked, she can`t believe all that is happening.
She decided to tell about that to her best friend Angela, first she didn`t believe but then Angela felt the same things that Caroline. They decided to investigate thoroughly the school.
Finally they discovered that the school in the past was a cementery of the town.

Verónica                                                                 1º Bach C

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