miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

Paranormal facts

Something very weird happened to me some days ago. So the story is based on a true on real facts.
Every time I go to my auntie's house, who lives in an unknown town, called La Guijarrosa, some weird facts happens there. So, once the night arrived, I went to my room because I was really tired. Once I was there and before getting asleep I heard a really frighten noise that came from the closet. I thought that it was my imagination due to tiredness. So I opened the closet bravely but there was nothing in there, so I went to bed relaxed once I knew it was empty. But, once I was asleep the same noise sounded again and I woke up, I opened the closet and it was also empty. So I fell asleep again.
The next morning my auntie and I founded Zasca, our pet, dead in front of our house. Someone had to kill her because her body was full of blood.

Written by:
David 1 Bachillerato C

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