miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

Mad 'the crazy'

One day, the camp monitors lived an unforgettable experience. They were preparing a terror game about the leyend of Mad 'the crazy', a father who losted his children and he became crazy looking for them, and he appear during the summer nights. 

When the game start all children were frightened and the monitors were very surprised about as had been put in the role Jhon, the monitor who was Mad in the game. He climbed trees, he cried, he push children… he seemed thet the monitor was really Mad 'the crazy'.

Later, when the game finished and the children went to sleep, all monitors went to congratulate John when they found he crying in his room. He received the new of his mother dead and he didn´t go out of his room in all night.

Daniel 1º BACH-D

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