jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2014


In the house, you can hear strange noises that make you feel afraid of all the things around you. Then, you hear steps which approach to you, so you walk backwards without being aware, until you touch the wall with your back. Suddenly, you turn around finding those yellow eyes staring at you. You shout and run away.
Quickly, you enter in a room and you lock the door. Your breath is heavy, but it eventually became stable, when you realize the cold that expands from your fingertips to your backbone. There is no light, so you catch a match and light a candle. You grab the candle and look around the room. The window is closed, there is an unmade bed with blood on the sheets, some dolls on the shelves and a toy horse, which suddenly has started to swing. Your heart beats faster and faster.
When you look back, you see a little girl in a nightdress with her brown hair in front of her face. Slowly, she raises up her head and you see the most horrible and disgusting face you have ever seen, a face with the mouth and the eyelids stitched. The candle falls down and you are petrified, because you know that you won't be able to escape, you are going to be trapped in this house for all eternity.
Julia G. 4ºA ESO

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