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This story was told me a girl of about 16 yeasrs old, and did not happen to her, but her mother, a Spanish who emigrated to Germany for a living, having to rent a house with her young husband who just had amenities.

Yes, he had mysterious visitors.

At first they were just sounds, scratches that kept hugging pillow while trying to rest after many hours of work. It frightened her, true, but remained calm and thought it was his own exhaustion which was having auditory hallucinations. Scratches on the bed are not so unusual is not it ?. Many will have heard. They are visitors who want to communicate that "are there too, you're not alone."

She lived with this strange experience a few days and ended up getting used to, but one night something terrible happened. She lay in bed, resting, her husband was shaving in the bathroom, and suddenly a few lights slightly larger than marbles, white and bright blue, they started out from under the bed.

They climbed, climbed up to get over it, and danced.

The girl looked at them dumbfounded, swallowed and breathed deeply. What was it? Where did they come from? What do you produce?

And then the lights started to dance with more sudden movements, and a powerful force them out. She noted that force unseen punches and kicks in the beat and stamped into walls ... cried, and her husband was cut with a razor blade. When he was leaving the bathroom door was shut.

The young Spanish immigrant suffered a beating that left her shattered and could not make a complaint because how police came to hear such a story without bursting out laughing.

Not happen again because he returned to Spain in tears and terrors.

For years he never told the story, and when he did, it was to tell his daughter-my confidant, who told me that her mother could not talk about it without bursting into mourn and tremble.

Not for less. His daughter wept to tell me.

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