viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2014

Halloween writing

Ghost stories 

It's dark outside and you are alone in an old house. On the wall there is a picture of a strange man with eyes that are alive and watching you. There is a room in this old house which makes you cold when you enter it, cold all the way down you back. And this is the room where, long ago, somebody died- very suddenly.

You decide to make a fire in the corridor with dry branches that you have found. After a while you go to sleep. At 3 am you wake up because you are cold. Suddenly, you feel warm air in your neck and you turn around quickly but you only see a shadow moving fast. Now you are very scared. You have just discovered that the man of the picture has disappeared when you heard a strange noise downstairs. You want to find out what is happening so you go to the room of the noise. You open the door and you see a lot of dead people. "It´s your turn" says a strange voice, and after that you feel a knife in your chest. The last thing you see is a ghost who died in that house.

Paula Llamas

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