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Halloween stories

Mr. James Conway wants to make money. He wants to build new houses and shops- and he wants to
build them on an old graveyard, on the island of Haiti.
There is only one old man who still visits the graveyard; and Mr. Conway is not afraid of one old
But the old man has friends- friends in the graveyard, friends who lie dead, under the ground. And
when Mr. Conway starts to build his houses, he makes the terrible mistake of disturbing the sleeps
of the dead...
Suddenly everything the ground began to shake, the graves shaking so much. And suddenly the
graves opened, giving away of hundreds of skeletons and zombies. Mr. Conway was lost... But he
remenbered the famous video of Thiller by Michael Jackson, so quickly he took his mp3 and he put
the song so loud... The skeletons and zombies heard the song, and fortunately they started dancing.
So Mr. Conway used the time to run and leave the island.

Then one day, the answer came to me. Suddenly I was sure that I knew the secret of life. I knew that
I could put life into a body that was not alive (...). In my laboratory I made a body. I bought or stole
all the pieces of a human body that I needed, and slowly and carefully, I put them all together. I did
not let anybody enter my laboratory or my flat while I was doing this awful work. I was afraid to
tell anybody my terrible secret.
So one day, I decided put the body in motion. I connected electricity to the heart... And the body
came to life as if by magic. He looked at me with his big eyes, and he told me: "You're my creator,
so I'm at your feet" and he knelt down bowing me. I said to him: "Oh! You're so good, so you're
gonna be my friend" and he said: " Oh thank you! I love you!" and he hold me.
The next day I took my new friend to school and everyone looked weird at him so he was sad. But
one day, I saw an advert, they needed people for a haunted house attraction, and I thought of a
brilliant idea. I noted my friend to work there. His job was to scare children and that was given
great. He was happy scare children because no one looked weird here.

It is dark outside and you are alone in an old house. On the wall there is a picture of a strange man
with eyes that are alive and watching you. There is a room in this old house which makes you cold
when you enter it, cold all the way down your back. And this is the room where, long ago,
somebody died- very suddenly.
After a while walking around the room, you decide to sit in a comfortable chair, but you didn't
know in that chair occurred all. Suddenly a large shadow appeared behind you. His shape was like
that of monster. You scared a lot and you tried to run, but it was impossible because the monster
caught you and he dragged to his lair in the hous. After a couple of hours you opened his eyes after
the monster poison you for that you didn't scream. You saw the monster cooking a cake, you were
confused. The monster saw you and he came to you and he offered some cake. You understood that
the monster just wanted someone to celebrate his party and the room which makes you cold it was
only because the monster kept some chicken steaks in the freezer for the party!

Sofía L. 1o Bachillerato A
I.E.S Ángel de Saavedra

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