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Halloween stories

1º story
Mr. James Conway wants to make money. He wants to build new houses and shops- and he wants to biuld them on an old graveyard, on the island of Haiti.
There is only one old man who stills visits the graveyard; and Mr. Conway is not afraid of one old man.
But the old man has friends-firends in the graveyard, friends who lie dead, under the ground. And when Mr. Conway stars to build his houses, he makes the terrible mistake of disturbing the sleep of the dead...
Every night, in the new houses built by Mr Conway, people heard noises coming from the basements of the buildings. Some person affirmed that there were shadows walking at night in the houses. So, Mr. Conway started to investigate the mystery of the old graveyard in which he built his houses and he discovered a surprise. There was a curse in the graveyard. Anyone who disturb the persons who rest in peace, won't sleep at nights. So, our man started to find solutions to the problem, because he wanted to help the spirits of person to sleep in peace and also he wanted to make money. So, Mr. James Conway tried to find the old man that used to visit the old graveyard, where now, were the houses. He found him at a park nex to the new houses. During five minutes Mr. Conway tried to talk with the old man, he was desesperated because he wanted to live without problems. The old man, suddenly told him that if he really wants to help the spirits, he has to demolish his houses. Sand and angry, he had to demolish them, because it was the only solution. After 3 months, the graveyard recuperated his place in the island, and the old man still visiting it every night...But he talked to someone...Who?...


The one day, the answer came to me. Suddenly I was sure that I knew the secret of life. I knew that I could put life into a body that was not alive. In my laboratory I made a body. I bought or stole all the pieces of a human body that I needed, and slowly and carefully, I put them all together. I did nor let anybody enter my laboratory or my flat while I was doing this awful work. I was afraid to tell anybody my terrible secret.
My work finished two months later, when the body was complete. But, I needed something that make him alive. I was thinking and I found it. Electricity. I needed a lightning for my creation. So, I conected a machine that could permit to create high discharges and I conected it to the body. Suddenly the body start to move and to shake. i disconnected the machine and I could see the result. My man was standing at the bed. It had and horrible appearance but I feel something that atracts me. During days, I spent time talking with him. I was surprised because he could talk with me without difficulty, although I observed that he was developing feelings like love, shyness or embarrassment. But one day, a neighbour of the village saw the criature and he called the police. they tried to kill my man, my precious man and i couldn't permit it. I took his hand and I jumo through the window. We fall in the snow, but I couldn't stand by myself. Suddenly, my man took me with his arms and he started to run out of the village. We arrived at the forest, where he left me in a tree and said to me that he wanted to see world and meet different persons that don't look his appareance. I was so happy and I kissed him on the cheek. I have never watched him since then.

It is dark outside and you are alone in an old house. On the wall there is a picture of a strange man with eyes that are alive and watching you. There is a room in this old house which makes you cold when you enter it, cold all the way down you back. And this is the room where, long ago, somebody died-very suddenly.
This was my new house. I was very frightened because there wasn't any neighbor next to me, and it was my first experience living alone. my parents were in a village and I was in the city. My new house was old, but it has a lot of rooms and it was very big too. But, when i had lived there for two week, I started to feel someone overseeing me. I felt eyes in every room and at night, I heart someone crying. I was very frightened and I decided to go to the church, because I thought it was a spirit. The priest came to home and started to look in all rooms. When he finished, he said me that there was a spirit of a girl that died suddenly, one day. So, when I heart this, I was surprise! But, I decided something. I could try to talk with the girl because, in part, she inspire me pity. So, every night, I called her and one night, she appeared. I started to talk and she told me her story. I promise her to don't tell her secret and, that she could live with me if she didn't a lot of noise during night. So, the girl lived with me for two years, and suddenly, one day, I didn't fell her.

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