miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014


  On the day of Halloween, William with his friend George, decided to go out dressed as ghosts.
 Once in the city center saw a few costumes, which called them much attention.
 They were two tall men with a powerfully built, who were dressed as clowns with an elegant suit and also had a gun in his hand .
   William and his friends thought they were two men dressed normal, but made them think because yesterday saw a film about two men dressed alike in and shoot people in the town center.
   After a while watching them they vanished, William and his friend could not find thereupon they listened terrifying screams and gunfire in the alley across the street. They ran to the council for safety but one of the clowns shot to the friend of William in his neck, he ran for his live
   The following month after the tragedy, they called with a distorted voice to William, this, was shocked and hung up quickly, was the clown who threatened to kill him for being the only one to survive in the Haloween slaughter.

Antonio José 
 1ºC Bachiller.

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