martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014

Halloween scary story

One day, I got up early to go to school. I was tyred because it was Monday morning .In break time I played with my mobile phone like a everyday but these day I receive a phone call. It was at ten o´clock and in this moment I was in class, then I called at the number...but anyone picked up the phone. I try to called again and... a stange noise listened, and a voice of a men talked to me and he said: "you´re John, true? you´re wrong with me, you are going to die" and the boy hung up the phone. These words dug into my mind, I don´t know what I do. At the finish of the school I went fast to my house but in the door was these men...I don´t know him. Before I did anything he prick me.

When I got up I was tied, the men comes to me and he said "You may not remind me, but I remind you everyday" In that moment I remember who was these men, he was my old teacher of English. Because of me, the manager of the school gave out him, Looks like he haven´t forgiven me.

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