martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014

Gloomyville's square

Once upon a time there was a gruesome legend on a very small village called Gloomyville.
This legend was about a family who lived on the top of a mountain, they never went down there. It was a very strange family, the father,Tomarrose was very agresive and his wife, Allice was completly crazy. They had two children, Mary Wenn and Victor. One night, people in village heard some shouts from square. The caretaker went there and he found bloody water on the square's font.
The next nights the caretaker found dark long hair , nails, skin pieces and more blood. He was frightened but he decided to hide behind the font.
Next morning people in village found there the lifeless bodies of the caretaker, Tomarrose and Allice. No one knew what happened that night and no one knew anything about the children.
Is said that every October 31 the two children appear in the square and mourn the death of their parents.

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