miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014


M.r Conway was sleeping, when suddenly he was woken up by a breeze of cold air. He went down to the plant of below to drink water, in the moment that was going to take the glass it got up only and the water was quiet about M.r Conway.
Terrified he went out of his house and saw that in the door it was written in blood:
- Why your have you destroyed our homes?, now you will be sorry about it.
M.r Conway remembered the cornflower that was visiting the cemetery and was he is necessary to speak with.
- What must I do in order that the ghosts leave me alone?
- your you have to destroy his houses  that your construistes, if not the ghosts were kill you.
M.r Conway didn't destroy him, on the following night the ghosts appeared again, M.r Conway get up and he saw to the end of the corridor to one ghost
He scared and said:
- I will destroy the houses and you can return to the cemetery.
On the following night the ghosts returned to the cemetery and nobody returned to destroy it.
Fernando 3ºA

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