jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2014


Then one day, the answer came to me. Suddenly I was sure that I knew the secret of life. I knew that I could put life into a body that was not alive (…). In my laboratory I made a body. I bought or stole all the pieces of a human body that I needed, and slowly and carefully, I put them all together. I did not let anybody enter my laboratory or my flat while I was doing this awful work.

I was afraid to tell anybody my terrible secret, that I have created a human being from the remains of other living things. When finally finished creating this being, I gave him name of Frankenstein, and then began to move uncontrollably, then I tried to control it, but I couldn't.

Finally I realized, I had created a being to kill, and later I saw Frankenstein as escaped.
Some say he left and never returned to the city, others say he still alive.

Virginia M. 4ºAESO

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