jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2014

Doomed to darkness

Nobody can hear me. Nobody can see me. My shout die away in the darkness of the night. My fate is wander around the world, without any human contact. My only friendships are with darknes and nights' creatures.

When I was alive, my lifestyle wasn´t an example of a correct way to live. I have commited stealings, i have shotted people, I have commited murders... It was just a wrong lifestyle. But then, it doesn´t matters for me. DUring it, I only was thinking in the moment. I only was thinking in my delight.

But one day, all these things turned against me. A raging man, whose name I can´t remember, wanted to get revenge of the murder of his son, murder that I commited. And then, ne shooted me, killing me at the moment.

These incidents taked place a long years ago. There's no day that I don`t get regret. I want to beg off with all people that I hurted in the past, along my life, but it's too late. I'm dommed in this dark world for the eternity. Where nobody can hear me. Where nobody can see me.

  Miguel L. 1 bachillerato D

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