domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2014

Dont wake the dead

 Voodoo Island
One night the old man, who was visiting the cemetery , warned mr . Conway 
to let these works ,   or will have consequences, but mr . Conway did not care , 
he just wanted to make money.   On Friday night, Mr. Conway was building its 
third store , he felt some presence behind him,   but he did not care , from that 
moment began to think about the words of the old man.   On Saturday, the man 
does not work. The day of the saints was a Sunday, and the day mr .   Conway 
work.  Something terrible was going to happen , and the old man meant , 
about 12 at night , all the graves were opened and the bodies were 
decomposed went for mr .   onway, mr . Conway was trapped , and that night 
he realized that greed brought him death. 
MARCO 3ºA   

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