martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014


We heard a noise inside the closet, all of us were in silence, Mikel went to the cabby and when he opened the door the decapitated body of a housekeeper fell on him. We ran towards the exit. When we arrived to front door, we realized that we were locked, so we went down to the basement. There we found a door that led to a tunnel, we were into it and  found 10 corpses full of blood, we ran very fast until the end. When we came out of the tunnel we were in the middle of a dark and glommy forest. We started to walk not knowing where we were going. 

Suddenly we heard a scream, then we realized that Kate wasn't with us, so we called her but nobody answered… suddenly we were surrounded by a profound darkness, we were dead. 

Manuela 1º Bach D

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