martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014

Are you sure?

Ghost Stories

...Then you start thinking: Why do I think that those eyes are looking at me?, why do I feel cold when I enter that room?, and why is everyone scared of that room, I mean, I'm sure that the eyes that are staring at me are just product of my imagination, and I'm sure that the cold is because the wooden walls of this old building are rotten and the cold wind passes through easily, and the man who died obviously died because his heart stopped pumping blood, or something similar. I'm also pretty sure that the white shadow over there is produced by a strange mix of light and darkness. And of course, that horrible scream is just the screech of the wooden floor.

I'm positive that the white shadow, seems to  come out of the painting of the strange man because a tree outside moves a light and that's why I see this strange phenomenon . And, obviously the reason of wich I see everything blurred and  darker is that I'm a bit tired, and the cold sharp pain that I feel in my stomach can't be produced by the white shadow that seems to be passing through me, taking my warm life with it, making me feel alredy lifeless while my legs stop supporting me.
Ivan Luis  3ºA

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