miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014


Emily's parents, a beautiful girl, gave her a doll for her sixth birthday.She called her Agatha.
After a week, strange events started to happen in the neighborhood: people with large wounds in their bodies, death in strange circumstances, missing children, etc.
One night, Emily got up when she heard a noise in the kitchen. She went downstairs and couldn't believe what she was seeing: her parents covered in their blood. Agatha had stabbed them several times.
Emily left home and ran the fastest she could and was asking for help, but it was late that the peasants had already gone home so no one was there.
She was terrified and could hear Agatha getting closer. Emily stopped and the doll strangled her.
Suddenly, she got up at the time her father came into her room wishing her happy birthday with Agatha in his arms.

Mercedes S. 1 Bachillerato D

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