miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

Abandoned school

David, Michael, Paul, Charles and Peter were a group of friends living in a small town called Beniel in Murcia. One Friday they decided to go to an abandoned school. They all went to the school together and stood in front of one of the walls of the school. Some of his friends had entered earlier in the morning but never at night. They began to enter but Michael and Paul were left out in case anything happened. Everything was dark and everyone started to notice something odd. They came out quickly but Michael noticed something strange had a scratch on the belly did not have before. They realized that Peter wasn't with them and They entered again. He was lying on the ground and saying strange things with white eyes. Miguel asked what was wrong and suddenly John took a boat and said, 'Go out'. They all went out and asked what had happened, he told that something pass through her body and it was not good. John told them not to go back there anymore.

Raúl 1 Bachillerato D

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