lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014


Voodoo Island

He was sleeping in his home in front of the graveyard. He lived with his dog, Ron. When Ron started to bark. Before it he woke up and down the stairs and  looked through the window. There were a lot of zombies that were broking his home.

He ran out with a big stick and he started to hit them with it, but they were many for him. He called Ron and ran to the old man's home and he started to knock the door. The old man opened the door. Then Mr.Conway asked to the old man:

-How can I destroy zombies?

-You have to apologize and stop the construction.

He ran and he did all the things that the old man said to him and zombies back to their graves. 

Before it he returned home and forgot what happens.

Ángel 3ºA

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