martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014

A bad night

(Voodo Island)
Mr. James Conway was sleeping, but it woke up on having heard a troublesome noise, as shouts. When he bring over to the window he remained terrified by what his eyes saw, it was not possible to believe it. He saw as the dead's mens were getting up of his tombs and were destroying the houses that he had been constructing. He dressed rapidly and went to the house of the old man. There he asks him:
-How can I detain this?
-Sorry Mr. James it is too late it has not gone back.

Immediately James it took his car and went away of there. Mr. James it could see from the rear-view mirror of his car as the zombies they were destroying all his houses.Until only one stayed. This house was that of the elder, who would continue being there for many years more.

Gonzalo        3ºA

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