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Scary Story Contest

Ángel de Saavedra highschool is holding a scary story contest to celebrate Halloween. 

Do you enjoy scary stories? Try writing one!

Welcome to the contest on blood-curdling short stories and digital posters that scream out for attention.

These are the general rules:

- The contest is aimed at the students at IES Ángel de Saavedra.

- There are three categories and different ways of participation:

  • B: For students at Bachillerato, who may participate writing their own scary story.

  • C: For students at Diversificación, Compensatoria y FP Básica, who may participate designing their own digital scary poster. Use the guidelines in this Document.

All students will be able to participate by sending your stories and posters to the email your teacher has provided you. By sending this email, all the posters and stories will be published in this blog.

For categories A and B:
Write the name of your story as the TOPIC of your email. Write the STORY in the body of the message.
Do not forget to write your NAME and COURSE at the end of your story.

Stories must be original and 140 words or shorter.

If you wish, you can attach an image or photo related to the story to your message. Story and image will appear in this blog, so that everybody will be able to see all the participants' stories.

For category C:
Send the poster by email, giving it a TITLE in the subject of the message and attaching your poster as an image.
We will use Movie poster web service to do them.

Do not forget to write your NAME and COURSE at the end of your email.

After receiving all the stories and posters, participants will also be able to read and vote for them. Votation period from 6th to 7th november

The jury of the competition will judge the entries on the blog in order to select the three winners in each category.

Entries will be judged on imagination, creativity and theme.

Deadline is November, 5th.

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